Looks like Armored Core: for Answer will be arriving on our shores fairly soon; Ubisoft has announced that the game will be released on September 16th. GameSpot scored an interview with associate producer Kenan Alpay, who tells us a couple of facts about the game. Here are some highlights:

  • Online co-op mode: "30 missions and eight-player online melees in 80different arenas."
  • Story mode: You play as a mercenary who can eventually choose which missions to take from different factions within the game. There are over 40 missions and the decisions you make can lead to multiple endings.
  • Arms Forts, which are giant battle stations much larger than yourself, will be the featured enemies of the game.
  • Control scheme: new control scheme for beginners, as well as an option for other players to join in via co-op mode to assist them with difficult missions.
  • New customization options: 130 new mech parts, including "interesting" parts such as an "auxiliary boost jets that increase your mobility and are ideal for hit-and-run attacks."
  • Voice chat will be supported, as well as cross-regional (North America, Japan, Europe) play.

No trophy support for "the Western version."


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