One of the biggest pieces of news that came out of Sony's press conference at Leipzig yesterday was the announcement of the PSP-3000. At the time, they didn't provide any release details, although SCEA confirmed special bundles for the U.S. for October 14. And now, with this news from SCEJ, we should be looking at a worldwide simultaneous release.

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan has stepped forward and delivered their information, so let's take a look at that. First of all, they remind us of all the new features you will receive with the freshly revamped PSP: despite retaining the same design, the display has been improved with "higher contrast, higher color depth, and faster response time." Anti-reflection technology is going to assist in playing games outside, and the unit will boast a built-in microphone, Skype compatibility, and a new update for the video-out functionality. Before, the PSP was only able to play its games on a progressive TV screen, but this overhaul will allow those games to play on standard analogue TVs as well. Now, onto those release details. The PSP-3000 will become available in Japan in October, and in three designer colors: Piano Black, Pearl White, and Mystic Silver.

We're not sure if North America will see the new PSP - in standalone fashion - at the same time, but we certainly should. With those North American bundles coming on the 14th of October, it seems we're looking at a worldwide simultaneous launch of the PSP-3000. Sweet!


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