Okay, so a lot of PSP users have probably upgraded to CFW 4.01 M33 by now. If you've upgraded and you like pimping your PSP out with custom themes, don't worry. Poisonhzkj has released a new version of CXMB that officially includes 4.01 M33 support.
Apart from 4.01 M33 compatibility, CXMB 3.2 also includes the following improvements over the previous version:

Select the random.ctf, then cxmb will randomly apply your themes in /PSP/THEME/
Compile universal binary, cxmb.prx should work on 3.71/3.80/3.90/4.01
Fix some wrong io operation (I wrote some sceIoClose where there should be sceIoDclose)
Clean up sources

Now, you may already have Miriam's 4.01 M33-compatible CXMB mod. According to poisonhzkj, that particular mod used a wrong hex edit (0xDEAD0400 instead of 0xDEAD0401), so you won't be able to use any themes you made using that version in CXMB 3.2unless you hex edit it at offset 0x10.

Download: CXMB v3.2


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