During Sony's press conference yesterday at the Leipzig Games Convention, SCEE announced EyePet for all PAL regions. According to the official press release, these cute, furry little creatures "won't make a mess on the floor or claw at your curtains." This is the definitive virtual pet that responds to everything you do as you sit before the video screen with your handy PlayStation Eye. The creature, a "loveable, simian-like pet," exists on your screen and operates on what Sony is calling "Augmented Reality." See, the pet won't just react to you; it's "fully aware of people in the room and will interact" with them, as well as other things in the immediate environment. Give it something to play with and if it doesn't recognize the object immediately, it'll toy around with it until it does. Heck, you can even playfully tickle your virtual pet.

You can customize your pet almost entirely, and that includes facial expressions, so perhaps the possibilities are limitless. EyePet launches later on next year, and as far as we know, there hasn't been an announcement concerning any other territories. But hey, don't you want these fuzzy virtual pets to come to North America?

Note: Check out the video of EyePet Here


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