If you live in Australia and just so happen to be a big-time gamer, we feel for you...and your wallet. We've known for a while now that it's an extremely expensive hobby in the land down under, and now, more bad news: it seems one of the most popular games of the generation - and its sequel - may never arrive for Aussie music fans.

According to Joystiq and an IGN tipster, the original Rock Band hasn't even made it to Australia yet, due to retailers who are "hesitant to transport and shelve the bulky bundles." Those same stores are also more likely to stock the cheaper (and newer) Guitar Hero: World Tour when it arrives later this year, which might mean Harmonix could be out of luck in regards to Rock Band 2. Sure, this means Guitar Hero suddenly gets a pretty big edge in the competitive music war, but what about music fans and gamers in Australia? No Rock Band ever? Granted, we had heard the game would cost an obscene amount in that country, but even so...we imagine many would've liked to have had the option. And besides, even though it will be cheaper, World Tour still won't be "cheap" compared to what we in the U.S. pay.

It's just crappy news, although it's hardly confirmed. Either Rock Band title could eventually come to Australia, but it's not looking good right now. If any of our readers are Aussie gamers and they have more information on the subject, feel free to let us know about it.


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