It looks like the PS3 version of Alone in the Dark really is getting quite a significant revamp. A number of changes have been chronicled at Gamespot, with the game's major changes coming from the controls. Edward, the game's lead protagonist is now more agile, being able to move around in a quicker less "tank-like" manner. A new camera will make things easier to see -- expect players to die less frequently on the PS3 thanks to the easier controls and improved camera.

But that's not all. The innovative inventory system still returns, but players can now quickly select items with the D-Pad. Driving has also been far improved, with much more realistic suspension. Your female companion will scream directions during the much-too-confusing driving segments, assisting players greatly. Finally, the PS3 version will also get an added scene in the game's sixth act that takes place in the subway. "It involves a subway train, a large enemy, and lots of explosives--we'll say no more about it for now, for fear of spoiling it for you."

Will all these changes help improve the overall experience on the PS3? We're hopeful. Expect more before the game's release in November.


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