We had a video of the NES Emulator on the site a couple days ago and we thought we were doing a disservice to all of our daily readers if we did not show you how to run/install the PS3 Filer v0.0.3 with NES Emulation onto your Playstation 3.


  • Unzip the ps3filer.zip archive
  • Copy NES ROMs to the AVCHD directory
  • Copy the AVCHD directory to the root of a USB/Flash drive
  • Go to the device in the XMB video menu and launch “AVCHD”

    Download: PS3 Filer 0.0.3

    Thanks PS3-Hacks!

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    Anonymous said...

    Does the PS3 have to be jail broken or an installed OS to work? In the XMB video section it does not show anything to run. What am I doing wrong?

    Email: xcavator77@gmail.com


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