Even tho they are not supposed to "officially" go on sale until the end of August, it seems evident that many retailers are stocking their store shelves with the new 80
GB Core Packs. These systems, that will set you back $399, offer an upgraded version of the previous 40GB system: a larger hard drive and a DualShock 3 controller. It does not provide any backwards compatibility meaning that it will no longer play any PS2 games; lame eh! Various tipsters and sources point out that the new 80GB are already on the store shelves as seen in the picture above.

If the 80GB Core packs are in stock that means that two current PS3 SKUs both feature 80GB hard drives are available. The old one will cost you a bit more money at $499, but comes with the highly acclaimed stealth action game Metal Gear Solid 4 which also comes dualshock controller and has backward compatibility; a better deal overall in my opinion.

Update: Word has reached us from our friends at PS3Fanboy. A SCEA rep de Leon told them that "Shipments of the new 80GB PS3 started this week, and retailers can sell them as they receive the inventory." If your local store has the new 80GB system, they're allowed to sell it immediately.

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